• not being one looking for an honorable epithet, nor yet one who has fear of harming any “cause,” yet still understanding, perhaps, Canotte Minnesota Timberwolves the problem some people have with some words, I could have written instead of “Homeland Security,” one friend suggested, “the Gestapo.” I started to argue,

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  • then realized I could not.”

    Perhaps I could have written, instead:

    “While I recognized that many of our present day Homeland Security and other paid government personages operate with a total disregard for personal freedom and the sanctity of the individual and human rights, and see people only as property of the state, Maglie Los Angeles Lakers I hesitate to say much bad about them.

    After all, that they slavishly follow the dictates of their perceived power-driven political figureheads, New Balance 446 męskie and that they routinely ignore the rights of others, adidas ultra boost and that they abuse their positions of authority and privilege to spread fear, Air Jordan 7 throw harmless people into the hell of enslavement of government penal work camps, confiscate personal property,

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  • and destroy families, that they routinely deprive private, harmless people of the right to trial by jury, counsel, communication with family or others, that they routinely imprison people for extended periods of time without benefit of trial, they really aren’t bad enough to be equated to any of the Gestapo or its actions or tenets.

    They are, after all, only following the orders of their superiors.”

    I would not agree with such a statement, because I don’t want anyone to think I am speaking ill of anyone, or standing for the truth as I see it, so I will just say they are not very nice people and leave it at that.

    (Heaven forbid that I enunciate any concept that anyone might find disagreeable when speaking of those I perceive as an enemy of humanity, civilization, and human rights, or use any words that evoke a disagreeable sense on behalf of their controlling concepts—although I consider those concepts the anathema of the concept of individual liberty and human rights.

    Heaven forbid I offend the sensibilities of anyone at all. Heaven forbid that I should so write or say anything to harm any cause, no matter whose cause it may be.”

    Is that better?

    Are we all agreed , then,

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