Unreasoning Respectfulness for Authority, Any Authority

The contradiction—that humans need government for any reason—is recognized incrementally. It takes a while for the full depravity of government, and the full sacredness of individual responsibility and ownership—to sink in to our culturally-infected minds, diseased with unreasoning respectfulness toward authority, any authority.

But to learn the truth, we have only to be willing to face the facts, and be willing to let the old illusions die.

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  • We have only to look at who kills, justifying it in the name of peace. Ray Lewis Ravens Jerseys We have only to look at who steals, justifying it in the name of charity.

    I have just finished writing something related to this, which I think BSC or TPOL may have up in the next couple of days, and I will try to get it up on one of my sites as well.

    The Declaration was an excellent beginning, Denard Robinson College Jerseys and I think we must hearken back to its clearly-reasoned statement of the rights of humans, and not be dissuaded by the constitution, Matt Holliday Authentic Jersey or other institutional illusions foisted upon us to handicap our unique, individual creativity and ability. sac a dos fjallraven There is no part of the constitution we need to know or teach,

  • and that part, I hope we are doing all we are able to enforce, protect, Nike Air Max 2017 Goedkoop articulate, draw attention to, and teach others about that part we call the Bill of Rights.

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