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Questions from Inquiring Minds

Observing that MSM has picked up coverage on this entire comical and disgusting TSA farce, I can only suppose that as with most such MSM diversions, this is another one which will make people think “something is being done” and divert most people from the currency crisis, foreclosures, unemployment, growing socialism of just about everything, and the ongoing wars abroad as well as diverted from the horrid, growing use of enemy combatant status being applied to people born in this country where the present government claims jurisdiction (I will not call anyone a “citizen: it sounds too close to “slave” for me.)

Don’t those pandering political types, from the executive to the lowly dog catcher, need to find a good format for re-election discussion?

Don’t they need a good rally-around sort of topic; one that can be discussed by everyone, and will cause no loss of revenue or loss of power to the political types?

Here’s a good one!  TSA! They can “save” the people from sexual molestation and radiation!  They will find new ways to “screen” people, and conjure up a fine illusion of being for freedom, and for privacy, and even for the Constitution, without giving up any actual power.

Is it possible that politicians—especially those facing elections—will posture aplenty before the cameras, scold the TSA, recall the scanners—albeit after paying for them with our hard-earned money—and placate the dozing ones to adjust their level of discomfort to accommodate pre-scanner harassment?

Will the politicians then share with us the illusion that a “victory for liberty” has been scored, and will the grateful people doze off the the blare of football game commercials, whilst Homeland Gestapo Security pushes on, our prison populations continue to grow, and the new terrorist bill is passed with hardly a blink from MSM or the dozing people?

Is it possible that TSA is the prayed-for distraction that will allow passage of some more truly evil legislation by our tax-fattened politicians?

Is this the new, just in time litmus test for guaranteeing re-election?

Is it possible that whilst the people think that they have won a victory of some sort when the sexual molestations are stopped (thanks, according to MSM and all political types, to those politicians who are posturing as defenders of liberty and who hope save their place at the swill trough),  that the rights of the people —their fundamental rights—will be further systematically stripped away, if any such rights are now left around to recognize?

Is it possible that this TSA diversion is merely a lovely diversion from some affront that few people will recognize until they are caught in the growing web of alphabet-agency terrorism, economically-motivated volunteering for the war machine, or some other equally evil fate?

Is it possible that it is not a conspiracy in the slightest, but the continuing manifestations of the power-damaged minds that can admit of no other way than increasing force, violence, abuse of human rights, and spending?

Is it possible that these power-addicted political types, so used to having force as the means to bring in the loot, are concerned about the growing discontent among the victims?

Or is it merely their best play that they can make, given their addiction to power?

Is it—O, wonderful tipping-point time!—that there is no longer anything the politicians and their paid partners in crime can do to stop the flow of information?

Is it—O, wonderful tipping-point time!—that there is no longer anything the politicians and their paid partners can do to mend the ragged veils of illusions against the stripping winds of change?

Inquiring minds ask these questions …

And, no; I don’t think there is a conspiracy.  I do think we are watching power-addicted minds acting the only way they know how to act; ever since they gave up using reason and decided to get their way by using initiation of force.

21 November 2010