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Do Something Free and Extraordinary!

Greetings SuperTopo Tribe,
I send everyone good wishes from Montana, where I am watching a snow storm begin to scuttle across the Divide, riding on the stampeding wind. It is slate blue over there to the West, where the clouds are spilling down on Helena. I am still in sunshine out here.

Very Good News!
I have permission to run, to play on any and all of our equipment we had here for Playing in Shape. Some is in the forest, some is in the media room/library. They are resurfacing my track this next couple of weeks as well. Life is good.

I am mixing the paints for the new design for the rainfly. I am drawing my new banner. Our old one is folded away. I have my own banner this year.

It is Spring. Time to prepare gear for adventures, because even if I am not climbing, I WILL be in the mountains, on the waters, or in the sky. I hope to visit new places in Alaska, and then maybe return to the known paths of the Winds. There is time for both.

Two girlfriends and I have been talking about picking up a circumnavigation that was begun years ago, before our darling, magnificent, and wonderful Husbands intervened. Husbands can be an entirely excellent adventure. Definitely no complaints here. But we did not get across the Pacific to some places we wanted to go. She is in Trinidad right now, not under sail. So, we are sort of half-heartedly pondering this possibility, but I don’t think any of us are very serious about it this year. Two are playing other places with their Husbands. It may be that the two married couples will put her under sail this year, or next, but it is nice to dream about Tahiti. 🙂

One brother suggested that we would need to be careful of pirates, three or four women alone, oh my! Maybe we should take a chap along. Maybe him. Can’t you tell he is a politician? Created a scare, and then offer a solution which requires his presence, or input, or stolen money. It is so incredibly laughable. We laughed and laughed, and suggested that he go peddle his fear to someone he could scare. We know we are a superb set of humans, with excellent skills. Any one of us can outdraw and outshot him, for goodness’ sake, if we need protection.! We are all far superior cooks, and equal or better sailors. And better conversationalists, too. He has never done honest work, except maybe before he was thirty or so, and began his “career.” I am laughing robustly.

Politicians: they sell you a scare, and then offer their solution. Stop feeling grateful. Laugh at them. Lean on the Tribes you have, where you can Trust people. Doug told me some stories about some politicians he knew, and we laughed and laughed at their predictable antics. They keep telling us that humans will mess up big time if left alone without politicians. They encourage us to fear each other. They try to scare us, and to set us against one another. Fling the fear back at them. Laugh at them.

Most humans on Earth manage to have voluntary, free market systems that keep us fed, clothed, shod, connected, and making a living, and there are cultures with fewer politicians that are doing it even better.

So, let us try to meet somewhere in the mountains where the Armed Ones will be not so inclined to attempt armed robbery. I am open to good suggestions, for I far prefer honest pirates to politicians and their ilk, who hide behind some sets of bureaucratic papers which I, for one, never agreed to obey.

I think I will bring our ice tower banner, too, come to think of it. 🙂 🙂 I am once again laughing most robustly.

This will be a fun year.

Are you still here?
Quit wasting your time reading this stuff, and go do something free and extraordinary, for you are made of Star and Earth stuff, and this Earth is our playground (perhaps this Solar system, huh?), as well as our responsibility, come to that. Humankind creates better when feeling happiness. Go play.

I am going. The wind is battering my sense of space, the Sun and clouds are shadow dancing, and I am going out to walk my balance logs and skip around a bit.

Go play. This is Your Life, after all, so make it an extraordinary, magnificent one. I certainly intend to continue doing so.
* < twinkles > *