Meme of the Month

July, 2010: Teach peace; get prosperity.

August, 2010:  Human Evolution: If they are initiating force, or delegating its initiation, they are sub-human.

September:  Tax collector: another name for vampire.

October, 2010:   Power corrupts, and more power creates addiction.  Power-hungry people are addicted people, and have power-damaged brains.

November, 2010:  Corrupt politicians make corrupt laws.

December, 2010:    TSA: today’s Orcs.

December, 2010:  Against Wikileaks? Then you are just another book-burning Nazi.

January 2011: Supreme Court Justices, and all who wear the black robes while mocking liberty: the Ring Wraiths.

February, 2011: Why would you trust a politician with your money more than you trust your own reasoning, conscience, and ethics?

March, 2011: Public servants of the Earth:  We are your Lords and Masters. We are nobility, and you are our servants. You forget your place when you use force against us.


April 2011:  Did you know that fairies and elves decided to be invisible after power-damaged humans tried to enslave them?  Yes.   Anyway, the April meme is:

One can’t enslave a fairy.  Or any free individual.

If you try, your spirit will shrink to a drop of dust.  Your life will be spent amongst the power-damaged ones.

Break free—come join the free and joyful ones!  Live with smiles and laughter! 


September 2011:  Your spirit is your seed: protect it, cultivate it with hope, love and charity, and have faith.  Beauty and wisdom will grow.


October 2011:  Never give up dreaming.  Never give up your dreams.  Your dreams are your orders from the Universe.  Honor them.














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